Discovery Nicaragua

Discovery Nicaragua will take you through an scenic, cultural and architectural journey. Seven active volcanoes, the largest lake sweet water lake in Central America, Granada & Leon, the oldest cities in Latin America, founded in 1524 by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. Also we can forget about its beautiful coasts; Pacific and Caribbean with incredible beauty is just part of the attractions that Nicaragua offers for a great time during your vacations.

Colonial churches, homes and municipal buildings with colonial finishes, craft markets with amazing souvenirs and low prices, secluded beaches, cigar factories where you can make your own cigar, exquisite dining, colors and culture are some of the many things to do and discover with our Nicaragua Tours and packages.

Discovery Nicaragua is the perfect way to discover a different country during your vacations flying directly to Managua or as well if you are Costa Rica and want to see a different country. A place with its own culture, manners and amazing local cuisine besides the colonial buildings and streets full of  color,music and poetry, history and more.

Come with us and take a ride on a horse carriage, travel by the Nicaragua lake and its islands, visit by an active volcano, walk by streets and building full of history. Its proximity with Guanacaste makes visiting Nicaragua for a day or longer a high light in your Costa Rica vacations or if you desire we can create a customized vacation package including Costa Rica and Nicaragua.